The central labour market organisations: EU funding that supports investment and employment is in Finland’s interest

The coronavirus crisis has had an impact on the whole of the European Union, and it has led to an unprecedented health and economic shock. This is an exceptional situation beyond the control of single EU Member States. Cooperation is needed to overcome the pandemic, but also to recover from the economic crisis.

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The free Summer Job Helpline (Kesäduunari-info) provides advice for summer employees in problem situations

Today is the opening day of the Summer Job Helpline, provided jointly by the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK), Akava and the Finnish Confederation of Professionals (STTK). This year, all enquiries to the helpline will be handled by Anni Ritari, LL.B., M.Soc.Sc.

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Social partners’ proposals to help businesses in the corona crisis

A list of proposals aimed at easing the situation of companies hit by the corona crisis has been agreed by the trade unions and employers. The organisations are jointly proposing actions for the Finnish Government to take to amend labour law and reduce the burden on businesses. Akava has approved the joint proposals.

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Majority of new MPs are union members

Trade union members are once again well represented among the members of the Finnish parliament. A majority of the MPs elected on April 14 most certainly belong to a union.

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