Akava and its affiliates proposed solutions to the Prime Minister — labour market crisis can be avoided

Akava’s presidents and vice presidents met with Prime Minister Petteri Orpo today, on 13 October, and submitted a petition calling for the urgent initiation of negotiations to prevent a labour market crisis. Akava accepts that the consolidation of public finances and increase in employment requires working life reforms, but these need to be based on a balanced analysis and dialogue.

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Reveal Your Skills week October 2 to 8, 2023

The goal of the Reveal Your Skills week is to help people and communities to identify and share their skills, as well as to open the topic up for public discussion. The strength of the Reveal Your Skills campaign is in making it happen together! That’s why we welcome various kinds of communities to act together with us.

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Akava: Labour market crisis must be averted – we propose reconciliation to the Government

Akava views that the Government’s planned working life reforms weaken, in an unprecedented manner, the possibilities of employees to negotiate important working conditions and defend their rights. Akava is critical of and rejects the Government’s working life policies, but proposes reconciliation to avoid a crisis in the labour market. Akava’s Board discussed the situation and defined its stance on the labour legislation proposals in its meeting in Helsinki on 11 September. 

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Akava: Non-discriminatory working life calls for concrete legislative actions

Akava considers the Government communication on promoting equality and non-discrimination in Finnish society to be a step in the right direction, but a great deal of further work is necessary. The communication, which the Parliament will discuss on 6 September, lacks concrete legislative amendments and funding decisions.

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Stronger growth of the economy and employment, tougher times for the unemployed and immigrants

In this article, Akava’s specialists analyse the new Government Programme, which contains legislative changes that will significantly weaken employees’ job security and working conditions.

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Akava: Government Programme weakens the position of employees and increases uncertainty

Akava considers the Government Programme unbalanced in terms of labour market issues. With the policy statements made in the programme, the new Government is turning its back on joint efforts to improve working life. Measures that will materially weaken employees’ rights raise concern among the younger generation entering the labour market, causing increased insecurity, Akava notes.

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