Akava has 36 affiliates with altogether some 600 000 unionised members working as employees, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals in either the public or private sector. The members join one of Akava’s affiliates based on their field of study, degree, profession or position.


Akava’s affiliates 1.1.2023 and number of members

Trade Union of Education in Finland: 114 349
Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland:76 636
Union of Professional Engineers in Finland: 71 959
The Finnish Business School Graduates: 58 232
Union of Professional Business Graduates in Finland TRAL: 31 937
Finnish Medical Association: 29 261
Union of Professional Social Workers: 25 740
Akava Special Branches: 25 231
Sales and Marketing Professionals: 16 831
The Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences Loimu: 16 567
Association of Finnish Lawyers: 16 163
Social Science Professionals: 13 113
Managers and Professionals YTY: 11 013
The Finnish Police Federation SPJL: 10 891
Finnish Association of Rehabilitation Professionals: 10 009
Finnish Psychological Association: 7 965
Finnish Pharmacists’ Association: 7 520
Finnish Dental Association: 7 473
Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers: 6 738
Union of Technical Professionals, KTK: 6 670
The Finnish Union of Public Health Nurses: 6 547
The Officers Union: 6 449
Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists: 5 919
AKI Unions: 4 800
Akavan sairaanhoitajat ja Taja: 3 784
Trade Union Ava: 3 669
Union of Swedish-speaking Engineers in Finland: 3 349
The Institute Officers Union of the Finnish Defence Forces and the Border Guard: 3 094
Finnish Veterinary Association: 3 040
Union of Finnish University Professors: 2 642
The Finnish Association of Architects: 2 160
Union of Finnish Speech Therapists: 1 916
The Union of Diaconal Workers in Finland: 1 587
The Finnish Association of Occupational Health Nurses: 1 038
Kasvatuksen ja nuorisotyön asiantuntijat KNT: 923
Akava’s General Group: 791

Total: 616 006

The following list provides contact informartion to Akava affiliates and their web sites. Please note that some of the sites do not contain information in English.

Akava Special Branches

Akava´s General Group

Association of Finnish Lawyers

Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists

Finnish Association of Architects

Finnish Association of Occupational Health Nurses

Finnish Association of Rehabilitation Professionals

Finnish Association of Speech Therapists

Finnish Dental Association

Finnish Medical Association

Finnish Police Federation

Finnish Officers Union

Finnish Pharmacists´ Association

Finnish Psychological Association

Finnish Union of Church Youth Workers

Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers

Finnish Union of University Professors

Finnish Union of Public Health Nurses

Finnish Veterinary Association

Health Science Academic Leaders and Experts