Reveal Your Skills week October 2 to 8, 2023

The goal of the Reveal Your Skills week is to help people and communities to identify and share their skills, as well as to open the topic up for public discussion. The strength of the Reveal Your Skills campaign is in making it happen together! That’s why we welcome various kinds of communities to act together with us.


Service Centre for Continuous Learning and Employment SECLE acts as the convener of the campaign and organises informative events and introductory functions already well in advance of the week.

The hashtag on social media is #RevealYourSkills.

Our key messages

  • Skills are accumulated in various environments: working life, daily life, hobbies, free time, family life, education, training, courses, and so on. Skills are valuable regardless of where they emerge!
  • We all have various skills and when we recognise them, we can find uses for them. Recognising skills is part of the general knowledge of the future.
  • Skills are valuable in themselves, and recognising them and making them visible is significant from the perspectives of engagement, agency, education, well-being and employment.

How can I participate?

All communities, companies, organisations, institutes, educational establishments, networks, and people who are interested in the topic are welcome to participate in the campaign week.

You or your community can go big or small in your participation, by doing for instance the following:

  • Highlight your own skills, or those of a colleague, a specific field of study, a profession, a work community, a hobby group, or another community!
  • Organise events or workgroups that are open for everyone, or more restricted in availability, such as for your own clients, members, staff, partners, and networks.
  • Provide tools and exercises for recognising skills.
  • Bring the topic up in your own channels of communication and on social media in the form of blog posts, articles, statements, tweets etc. Use the hashtag #RevealYourSkills.
  • Share content produced by others and participate in the public discussion.
  • Conduct Timeout Dialogues on recognition of skills.
  • What else can you come up with? Don’t be afraid to bring forward your own ideas and to talk about them far and wide through your own networks and your channels of communication.