Sture Fjäder to continue as President of Akava

The union meeting of Akava elected Sture Fjäder as President of Akava with a vote of 578–292. Sture Fjäder has served as the President of Akava since 2011. The other candidate for President was Maria Teikari, Service Director for Social Science Professionals. The union meeting was held in Helsinki on 25 August and was attended by representatives from 33 Akava’s affiliates.


‘I am grateful for this vote of confidence. I am especially encouraged by the broad discussions and proactive efforts for the future that I have witnessed at Akava over the past few months. We are very aware of the issues that the Akava community can change through collaboration. Among other tasks, we must work together to uphold the rate of unionisation and to listen to the voices of our young people’, states President Sture Fjäder.

‘One of the fundamental objectives is, of course, to oversee matters related to the working life of our members during this exceptional time resulting from the corona crisis. I carry a great deal of responsibility and concern for ensuring that the employment situation of those with higher education is strengthened and that their financial situation is not weakened despite the increasing national debt incurred by Finland.’

‘Education, competence and the utilisation of researched information is more important now than ever before. Finland’s success has been and will continue to be founded on high levels of competence. It is precisely this that Akava safeguards’, Fjäder states.

‘I would like to thank Maria Teikari for a good campaign that involved important discussions about the development and direction of Akava and changes within working life. Akava’s affiliates also participated actively in these discussions’, added Fjäder.

Sture Fjäder (62) has served as the President of Akava since the year 2011. He holds a Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) and a Bachelor of Social Sciences. Fjäder is originally from Hanko and currently lives in Helsinki.

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