Suggestions for a path to higher education and working life for persons with disabilities

Akava has compiled suggestions for a path to higher education and working life for persons with disabilities.



  1. Realise the goals of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities by ensuring that persons with disabilities can enjoy the same human rights and fundamental freedoms as other people.
  1. Increase social inclusion and competence development for the groups underrepresented in education as part of the accessibility plan for higher education being prepared by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The current status of accessibility to higher education should be assessed comprehensively, together with setting goals and creating methods to achieve them.
  1. Change attitudes towards persons with disabilities in society and eliminate prejudices by means of communication and through own example.
  1. Increase knowledge of the various career opportunities of persons with disabilities and their right to reasonable accommodations during studies and at work in compliance with the Equality Act.
  1. Appoint a contact person for accessibility and equality matters at each educational institution.
  1. Establish a TE service point at each university campus. By intensifying the collaboration between the institutions of higher education and the Employment and Economic Development offices (TE services) it is possible to support the employment of the newly graduated and provide information about services and assistance for persons with disabilities.
  1. Introduce recruitment methods that will promote diversity.
  1. Tackle discrimination in working life by reforming the Equality Act. One aim of the reform is to increase the powers of the Ombudsman for Equality to assess, jointly with the occupational safety and health authorities, individual cases of discrimination in working life.
  1. Utilise the equality planning at workplaces as a method to enhance the inclusion of persons with disabilities. The equality plan shall be updated on a regular basis jointly with the personnel or their representatives.
  1. Spread information about the possibility of employers to receive support for working condition arrangements. Support will be granted if, for example, new work equipment or assistance by another employee is required due to the disability or illness of an employee. The support may serve as a significant incentive for recruiting persons with disabilities and promoting equality, especially in small and medium-sized companies.